Friday, October 19, 2018

Unqualified? Really?

Earlier this week I received a mailer from my opponent and incumbent in my quest to become the representative board member for Inland Empire Utilities Agency Board of Director-Div 3.  Here is a snapshot of his attention getting statement:

So I had to pause to understand what he could possibly mean by this statement!  We are both professionals with licenses in our respective disciplines.  We both have post graduate degrees and have worked more than 30 years in our respective fields.  We both belong to professional organizations to stay abreast of our professions.  I am experienced in the area of environmental issues concerning water management with a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering.

I then noticed on the other side of the mailer a list of endorsements!  We increasingly live in a world of its not what you know but who you know.  I get it and understand it and accept it.  I however will pursue a line of actions and quests that allow me to give back to my community, to be a good steward over what I have been blessed with, and to use my experiences and knowledge where ever and when ever it benefits not just me but my family, friends, neighbors, peers, co-workers, and community.

The opportunity to serve your neighbors and community in an non-political role should not be about who you know or who endorses you without first learning about who you are also competing with!

Just a thought!

Vote Nov 6 after you get to know something about the candidates and their background!
about me and what I do!

Thursday, October 4, 2018


As I communicate in this post we are deep in the political travesty of nominating someone to what is supposed to be an apolitical judicial seat on the highest court of the land, The Supreme Court!  I offer none of my opinion on what has transpired because you probably don't care and rightly so.  But I believe something has gone wrong and if it isn't corrected the American Justice system will completely lose its moral high ground.

On a more personal note, I am finding it a welcome challenge in my own quest to become a representative IEUA board member for Chino and Chino Hills, to communicate no political bias, ill will, character assassination, against the incumbent because I have none.  When I meet people in the neighborhood who ask me why am I running?, what do I have to offer?, what are the issues? I focus on just that.  Do I have the character and temperament to sit on the board, I think so!  But how do I convince 5000-15000 folks who don't know me from Jane at the corner store and who will hopefully vote in the upcoming election to basically hire me, choose me?  My best answer...knock on some doors!!

I don't have a trail of community service gigs or prior runs in government from which to draw from.  I can't boast an exemplary record of being seen at the right functions or with the right people.  I am pretty much a nerd, square, non descript citizen living a rather quiet and maybe even a mundane existence.  My reality probably matches that of most of my neighbors.  I have no right or entitlement to a director seat on the IEUA board.  All I have is a desire to use my background and skills in a manner that will serve my neighbors in the Chino Valley to our mutual benefit.

So here is my commitment to keeping my run for a board seat apolitical: Visit the following link to learn more about candidates and their views.  Voters Edge  Of course some of the candidates are running for political offices but I offer we should seek to do something different.  Some elected positions are about allowing the community to more actively participate in governance irrespective of political views.

Lastly for a little bit of environmental news and in many ways where our efforts and visions should be focused, abundant rainfall has not been where we need it most in many parts of the world including sunny Southern California.  Desalination of water is increasingly becoming an option of resupplying the water balance necessary for sustaining life.  IEUA has used desalination projects for supplying water to our arid region.  See where else others are also using the desalination technology and some of the challenges still present in that option. Water-Worth-its-Salt

Until next time, keep the faith!  I know I will be.