Friday, August 31, 2018

Steppin Up!

Well it is the last day of August 2018!  Yes, it has been eight months since my last post.  I had big plans to engage students in my Energy and Environment class but that idea and plan failed miserably.  Without going into detail, lets just say I did not make the best impression and the students weren't really feeling the journey and path I set for them.  I will do better next time.

The first half of the year was my busiest ever as an adjunct.  I was on five different campuses teaching a variety of students with diverse backgrounds.  Helping others through the sharing of knowledge is one of the best things I have ever done.  I get the opportunity to effect the principle of life long learning in the sharing of my real journey from engineer to consultant to professor and now hopefully elected board member of the Inland Empire Utilities Agency representing the city of Chino and Chino Hills, CA.  Yes I have launched my grass roots candidacy for this director position and for all members of the Chino/Chino Hills community reading this, I humbly seek your vote Nov 6!Vote for Me!

It is my hope that I can utilize my unique experiences and skills to be a model for just plain folks 'steppin up' where they can in the communities in which we live.  This position I seek is not political!  I won't be talking national or local politics, disparaging other candidates, making unrealistic claims and promises, speaking on matters in which I have no working knowledge.  I do plan however to demonstrate to and inform the electorate that it is dedicated apolitical work providing oversight of agency operations focused on delivering to the population a clean and abundant source of water, as well as ensuring the proper and efficient purification of wastewater recycled or returned to our open waters.

As I finish out the summer and third quarter back in school, on three campuses, making a bid to actually unseat an incumbent in a county and statewide election, I have no illusions as to how often I will post to this blog.  So if you happen across it, let me know you checked it out.  It will definitely be an encouragement and incentive to share more often as actually intended. You can comment on this blog or on my facebook page.Kimberly Mosley for IEUA Board

Sustainable communities require leadership, commitment, and real sense of shared responsibility.  The Inland Empire has been my home for 40 years.  It is my plan where I can, to participate in meaningful ways to the effort in making it one of the best places to live.

Visit the Inland Empire Utilities Agency and see all that they do!

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