Thursday, September 20, 2018


Well I am back a little sooner than I expected.  On a personal note, I have successfully launched my attempt to get elected to a board seat with the Inland Empire Utilities Agency representing Chino and Chino Hills.  I am on the ground knocking on doors and leaving leaflets sharing who I am and what makes me stand out to be the candidate of choice.  As I was pursuing my environmental engineering degree some years ago it was obvious that like energy, abundant water resources would and should be on the public radar.  Working with a public agency whose goal is just that, is a great way to be involved in sustaining our growing community!

On a national note, we as a nation are once again dealing with the effects of an increasingly chaotic climate by way of Hurricane Florence which hit the eastern seaboard last week drenching the Carolina's and parts of Maryland.  There has been much devastation with torrential rains and flooding.  Climate change deniers are surprisingly silent because it is obvious that whether the climatic shifts are man made or part of a normal 10000 year cycle, for us in this age it is CHANGE! DUH!

Here in sunny southern California we have had a nice long, hot summer.  It has been beautiful and dry.  Our northern California neighbors are also experiencing this warm dry weather pattern.  While its been great weather, WE need water and rain especially in Northern Cali but we also need to restore and recharge Southern Cali aquifers and groundwater.  To hear of fellow Americans suffering the plight of too much water, while we in Cali prepare for a possibly even dryer fall and winter which brings with it the possibility of more intense California Wildfires and poor air quality, makes me wonder why we have not had a national approach to solving this apparent dichotomy.  Something is telling me infrastructure needs to be on the lips of those in positions that can make a difference and get the ball rolling.  One can only hope.Infrastructure



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